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My dad built me an awesome trellis. I’m using it for my Nobel Grapes.



While digging in the flower bed, we found this gift from Mexico.


My lavender is beautiful and growing next to rosemary. The aroma is amazing! I need to figure out how to dry the blooms.



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Kim Williams, Arkansas Delta Travel Writer shared this last night.  I couldn’t resist posting this blog and recipe!  I hope my strawberries grow to be this beautiful so I can try this recipe!


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The plants are in new pots and hanging out with my container garden. I’m hoping my flourishing Arkansas strawberry plants will cheer them up–maybe they were just lonely.



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I’m going to start this by explaining a little bit about me–as I make my way into Day 5 you’ll understand why I’m disclosing info about my crazy life.  I’m married, work full-time with a job that often has me traveling and I have two amazing teenaged kids.  I’m racing in the Arkansas Mountain Bike Championship Series this year and I’m training to ride my first Century with a road bike.  In other words, I don’t have a lot of time to work in my garden.  Last year I did a lot of fishing (another love of mine) so my yard and garden suffered. This year, I’m spending more time in the garden and less on the water. I have to divide up my time between activities and hope I can fit everything in.  So, if there is any glitch in my would-be schedule, it can be detrimental to any project.

They are here!

My roots arrived late because my FedEx delivery man decided to keep my package over the weekend.  This was unfortunate because I had a lot of travel planned for the upcoming week.  If the plants would have arrived on Friday, I would have had all weekend to baby them.  Of course if this was easy it wouldn’t be nearly as fun.

After a long trip from Missouri to California, to Memphis, TN to Little Rock, AR to Benton, AR, they finally arrived. I opened the box expecting dying plants instead of three little Stark Bros strawberry roots–I forgot that we weren’t receiving mature plants.  I was relieved to find roots rather than dead plants.  It was late that night so I added water to the bag and let them wait until the next day.

Day 2

I got home late and it was almost dark.  I was leaving early the next morning and would be out-of-town for two days.  I didn’t want to rush but I knew I was already behind and needed to get the roots in the soil mixture I had already prepared.  We had storms moving in so I opted to put the soil mixture in my instant gardener, water them, and let them start growing in my garage.  Over the next few days I called and made sure my husband, the berrysitter, was moving them outside when the sun was shining and inside when the monsoons were hitting.  While away, I received daily berry reports–no change.

Day 4

The skies over my house have looked like this almost every day since my plants arrived.

We had storms all day and night so the little nursery had to stay put in the garage.  When I got home that night, it was raining and hailing so hard that I had to stay in my car for fifteen minutes before I could race into the house.  I’m sad to say, I ran in with my luggage right past my plants and didn’t really take a good look a them.  Don’t worry, I’m getting to the good part.

Day 5

Here’s a teaser for you.  I have never grown plants from bare roots before.  Sure, I’ve planted seeds and little plants, but never roots.  On the morning of Day 5, I made a startling discovery…

Check in tomorrow for the rest of the story.

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Corona Tools Strawberry Fields for Everyone Project

#CTSFproj #G2B11


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Studying up

The plants are poking their little green heads up out of the soil. Right now they are sleeping and growing like little strawberry babies should. I’m a proud mama and have been taking a lot of photos. Stay tuned for the Berry Baby scrapbook soon. Meanwhile, you can check out some of the research I’ve been doing to make sure I grow the best berries. Remember, I’m a bonehead gardener and I need all the help I can get. If you have any advice please share it with me. I only have a few months to show Corona Tools that I can turn strawberries into an apple!

My berries came from the Stark Brothers farm in MO. Their website is great because you can add your zip code and it will tell you your growing zone. Then, you can download a planting and growing guide based on your zone!


Here are a couple of other sites I’ve visited:



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On the final night of the Garden2Blog event hosted by P.Allen Smith, we were served purple fingerlings for dinner.  I loved them.  They were so pretty mixed in with the other potatoes.  I decided that I was going to ad them to my garden.

24 hours BEFORE the rain

I planted my garden late this year because we had so much rain in April.  Luckily, we’ve been pretty dry lately and I’ve had to water my plants. Over the past two days we have had a lot of rain and flash flooding.  When I came home last night, it was raining too hard for me to go rescue my container garden from Mother Nature and I worried about what I would find this morning.  I don’t know if it is the Jobes Biozome Formula or the rain, but these potatoes grew three inches in 24 hours!  Is that normal?  I took the photo for yesterday’s blog right after I added the Jobes to the soil.  I gave the plants a drink, told them to SMILE, snapped the photo.  I’ve never grown purple fingerlings before but I think I’ve got super potatoes in my container.  Do I need to transplant them into the ground?  My blog from yesterday shows the plants as they looked before all of this rain.  If anyone out there has answers to my super spud questions, please comment and let me know.

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24 hours after thunder storm

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